Our Mission


Pinnacle’s mission is to provide the highest level of dynamic range and video quality for high contrast scenes. Our approach is to combine sensor-based WDR with our patent pending Ultra HDR™ IP blocks and cores. This improves the dynamic range above the native output of a sensor by adding various frame merging techniques, combined with our proprietary internal color space and the highest quality Locally Adaptive Tone Mapping available to provide enhanced value to camera systems across numerous segments.

We recognize that data is dark unless it can be used, which is an enormous problem, especially where data detection and recognition algorithms are utilized in post capture within these segments.

Our agnostic approach in providing Ultra HDR™ Video allows us to utilize any applicable combination of low, mid and high-end image sensors and logic, various sensor-level gain, exposure and scene improvements and can be combined with our proprietary frame merge IP Cores and Locally Adaptive Tone Mapping.

We’re currently establishing relationships with camera OEMs in numerous segments, sensor and logic partnerships and expanding our IP licensing and custom IP business

Leadership team

Alfred Zee:  President and CEO

John Omvik:  VP of Marketing

Igor Vanyushin PhD: VP of R & D

Ron Tussy:  Director of Business Development

Pinnacle Imaging Systems Video IP Cores and Algorithms Background and Overview

In 2011, Pinnacle Imaging Systems, Inc. set out to utilize development of a unique set of IP for still imaging HDR and transfer that core group of IP’s and knowledge into the embedded video space, creating unique IP and leading video quality solutions for high contrast video.

Today, Pinnacle has a technical team in Moscow, led by Dr. Igor Vanyushin, (Moscow Institute of Physics), design centers in San Diego, CA and Santa Clara, and offices in Belmont, CA. Pinnacle has PhD level experts in algorithm development, sensor design and characterization, DSP/ISP/VSP and FPGA logic. Pinnacle is funded by investors in Hong Kong and Taiwan and has sister companies and distributors in Taiwan and China – under one group.

Pinnacle IP and Patents

Patents and patents pending (5)

Patents granted (23)

23 IP blocks and cores developed or in-development